My hero

Today I went on my cousin Matt’s facebook and read all of his notes. Matt was in a car accident 9 years ago.

 He was late to work and stuck in traffic, which he described to me was a normal day for him. He was stopped in the back of an eighteen wheeler when he took a glance in his rearview mirror. There was another eighteen wheeler behind him, and it wasn’t stopping. I would of been terrified if I saw an eighteen wheeler coming at me at full speed. But he wasn’t. He said “I love you, mom” and the truck hit him.

I was getting ready for school when my mother got the news. My grandmother, mother, sister and I bolted into the car and made our way to St. Vincents Hospital. I remember being furious that I was too young to go in and see him. My mom promised that when she went in to see him, she would tell him that I loved him.

Matt is now quadriplegic, but amazingly has some use of his arms.

I was reunited with Matt a couple of weeks ago. I have never met someone so happy and inlove with life. He inspires me to be the best I can be. I’m so proud of him, he can truly overcome anything.

"For eight years I have been paralyzed in my body. For 31 years I have been paralyzed in my mind. The  joy I feel now cannot be compared. It is ever present. I am love. I act in love, breathe in love, think in love and see in love. After loving myself and who I am, I am able to love you as I am and as you are." - Matthew Laufer.

My cousin is my hero, noone could compare.